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chloe cooper 

CHLOE COOPER! (raw canvas)
I graduated from a Fine Art degree at Leeds Met in 2007, moved to London and started doing internships. In January 2008 I started the Raw Canvas Training Course at Tate Modern which was the perfect antidote to the baffling inequalities of internships. I was a valued participant in my own development and this investment in me by the staff at Tate Modern has been the driving force behind my desire to work in art education. I am currently a member of a live art group called Junto and we are just about to launch a pilot for a mentoring programme for Fine Art students just finishing University to assist their navigation through the tricky two or so years after graduating. I’m really excited about this pilot and look forward to continuing my live art practice, completing a Fine Art MA and eventually a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.
Little bit about what I think about the concept of WAAE:
I’m really excited about the effect this project is going to have both on the people actively participating and those who encounter it whilst on a normal day out in the gallery. The potentially revolutionary nature of it only occurred to me when talking to another Tate department concerned with how this alternative reading of works could reflect on Tate. The weighty expectation of the word “expert” should hopefully be happily contentious- even just uttering the word at meetings with “potential experts” saw eyes widen either in horror or anticipation at being called an “expert”.



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dates, 5th June 2009, 19th June 2009, 3rd July 2009, 17th July 2009, 31st July 2009,

time – 5pm – 7pm
where – meet on level 3 concourse, Tate Modern. Bankside London SE1 9TG

Two new voices speak for 5 minutes on an artwork.

We want to talk about art the way art should be talked about! we want people to feel free to say what they want and not to be controlled by academic or ‘researched’ information! This two hour discussion/listening/thinking event aims to dissect the distance between you and the work on the wall. We are all experts in our own opinions!

Join the conversation and break the silence in the gallery. 

We are all experts




roll up roll up! our soundbite speakers.

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5 June
Greg Sanders

I’m Greg, I know the least it is possible to know about art, but sometimes I like it, can’t do it though – draw, paint, anything! I’m studying music and linguistics at SOAS, very interested in music, languages, and people and why and how they do things.


Josh Solnick                                                                                                                                                                                   “I am currently doing a BA in the Study of Religion and Music at S.O.A.S. in London. When not being an art Expert i spend most of my time writing rhymes and lyrics for FUR: www.myspace.com/furcats.”



19 June
Tiff Wear

My name is Tiff Wear and I am 20 years old. I am currently studying at the Bournemouth Film School, where I have just finished my first year. My aspirations do not reside merely within the world of filmmaking, as I love to make music, playing various instruments to varying levels of ability!


Miriam Nash

I am a poet. I write, perform, lead poetry workshops and work on projects that support emerging writers, including the London Teenage Poetry SLAM, Barbican Young Poets and Fresh Text @ Spread the Word. You might see me snooping around Tate Modern of a weekend, looking for something to get my teeth into (metaphorically speaking, of course).


3 July

Jack Davey

My name is Jack Davey, I’m 18 and from London. I have too many questions, for which I don’t think enough answers exist. I have just finished an art foundation, which has answered even fewer questions. Maybe Raw Canvas will help me on the way to answering some of them.  


Becci Geach

“Hi I’m Becci, I’m 21 I live in Brighton. My main interests are film and vegan cooking. Although I have no formal artistic qualifications I have always been fascinated by art. I have been involved with various artistic projects including Brighton’s “Temporary autonomous Art exhibitions” which showcase the talents of assorted up and coming graffiti artists. I am also dedicated to the design and decoration of a club night, “Non Violent Communication” which is organised by friends of mine. I look forward to giving my perspective on the 3rd July.

Becci Geach

Nuara Choudhury

Nuara is a part time law student, full time daydreamer. She can often be found in pursuit of good dessert and sunshine. You can usually find her writing, eating or laughing. She is a strong advocate of bad jokes and cheesecake.


17th July

David Reed

“I’m David, I’m twenty years old, and I have just finished studying history at oxford. Next year I will hopefully be spending my time at Queen Mary University of London studying for a masters in twentieth century British history. I am interested in many interesting things, art being one of those interesting things.”



Hannah Mansell

I’m currently a year twelve student at sixth from studying A levels in art, media and english. Art has been a huge part of my life since I can remember and there’s nothing I love more than talking about art with new people! I think exhibitions are much more exiting when you can appreciate as many perspectives as possible…


Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver